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Security Guard Services

Security Guards - Licensed Static & Manned Guarding by Morgan Security

The Morgan Security Team

When hiring a security officer from Morgan Security, you get more than just a security guard. You get a flawless team of trustworthy officers, working 24/7, 365 days a year, providing backup with CCTV monitoring and a network of mobile patrol officers ready to assist within a moment’s notice. Our officers live for the common goal of keeping their clients and premises safe and secure, voiding all potential risks.

Highly Trained Security Guards

Morgan Security’s advanced training allows our officers to fit into many roles and provide a wide range of security guarding services designed to integrate all your security guard requirements. Having years of industry experience, we work with businesses and individuals in various industries, sectors, and institutions to protect their people, property, and assets.
Our security guards are fully licensed and trained to understand the significance of protecting all facets of your business without disruption or interference with customer service in mind. In co-operation with your organization, we listen and assess your requirements, thus providing your company with an appropriate site-specific trained security officer.

Static Guarding Manned Guarding

A Static Guard or Manned Guarding is a term assigned to a security officer stationed at one specific location, building, or site. Our security guards would be allocated to your site, checking your premises, conducting foot patrols, and conducting additional security tasks that were an assessed requirement for your business.

While liaising with site management, our security specialists assess and produce a site-specific survey, creating protocols for security officers to follow before deploying to a site. Whether it’s a factory, warehouse, office, hotel, condominium, or construction site Morgan Security has your security needs covered.

Mobile Backup Support

All security guards stationed at a site would have been fully briefed on the site specifics and have instructions on what steps to put in motion should any issue or emergency arise. Should a situation or incident develop that requires an additional workforce, all of our security guards have a mobile patrol backup unit for added security.

Physical Presence

Security Guards in Chicago - Morgan Security Guard Services available in Illinois, Indiana and Chicago

A Visible Deterrent

Having a physical presence that responds quickly and appropriately, ensures any threatening or potentially dangerous condition is handled promptly and effectively. And there is no better physical presence than a trained security guard. Whether security is required for a gatehouse, concierge services, retail stores, corporate, public, or even industrial sites, our security officers have always proven to be a strong visual deterrent to the criminal entity.

The visible presence of security officers, in stores for example, quickly deters thieves from criminal activity. Many thieves will take their illegal activity to a non-secure location. And if someone does shoplift, trained security officers will be sure to apprehend the criminal before making off with the merchandise.
Security officers also make their presence visible through foot and mobile patrols, wherever protection is required, or even providing check-point security with officers at the front door of any business.

Night Watch Riskiest Time of Day

Nightfall is the riskiest time of the day and can represent a significant threat to any business if not professionally protected. 

Finding damage sustained due to a burglary or vandalism can cause considerable financial and emotional consequences. At Morgan Security, we understand this, which is why our security services offer personnel to provide a visual deterrent against theft and vandalism. Even if CCTV covers your property, it’s always best to have a physical officer present, ready to react quickly and appropriately, ensuring any threatening or potentially dangerous situations are dealt with promptly and effectively.

Morgan Security officers can assure you that your property is protected and secure throughout the night. With routine and random internal checks plus perimeter patrols, either on foot or using a vehicle, our highly trained security officers will keep your premises protected, deterring any possible criminal activity.

Security Guard Foot Patrol - Morgan Security Guard performing night foot patrol; monitoring at a special event. Our Security Guard is wearing a Morgan Security Guard uniform.

Concierge Security Reception  Services

Concierge security officers are critical to making visitors, employees, and residents feel safe and know their premises are protected. From corporate offices, government buildings to hotels and condominiums and more, Morgan Security is the right choice for your concierge security needs.

Our concierge security service incorporates the roles of a security guard and a receptionist, providing a cost-effective solution to provide a first-class front-of-house experience for your staff, residents, and clients.

Reception Areas Overlooked

Many businesses, when implementing security measures, overlook their reception areas. Companies seem to go to great lengths securing their facilities, back doors, windows, loading areas, and fire escapes, but at the same time, they completely forget about the most vulnerable access point; the Reception areas and Lobbies.

Hotel and Condominium Security - Hotel Security - Concierge Security - Morgan Security offers concierge services whether front desk security for corporate office buildings, hotels, condominiums or apartments; along with gatehouse services for condominium complexes or private gated communities across Illinois and Indiana.

Unsecured Receptions & Lobbies

When unmanned and unsecured, reception areas and lobbies provide an easy entry point for anyone person. Anyone walking through the front door, if left unchallenged, makes it impossible to know what their intentions are once they have acquired access to your business premises. As both a first impression and first line of defense, you must ensure that your concierge security service is provided by an experienced security firm you can trust.

Concierge security functions best when its presence is handled and seen without disturbing the ambiance of business or interfering with the welcoming and leisurely atmosphere offered to staff and visitors.

Concierge Attendants – First Impressions

Morgan Security understands that clients want concierge attendants to deal with inquiries as they are the first individuals people will see when entering your place of business. Security officers in a concierge role are not only representing our security firm; they are also representing your business as well. To this matter, we train our concierge security officers in hospitality, customer service, corporate, and conflict security management.  

Our concierge security service training ensures that we strike the right balance between the safety and protection of employees, visitors, and premises on the one hand and discreet, cordial, and welcoming service on the other hand.

For Morgan Security, safety and security are of paramount importance. Being at the forefront of defense, we strive to protect and secure our clients, their premises, and assets.

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Guard Services Roles

Morgan Security gives you access to world-class security with highly trained guards using state-of-the-art technology that will protect your employees, residents, and premises 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Some of the services our highly-trained guards provide but are not limited to:

Static Guarding
Night Watch Security
Check-Point Security
Concierge & Reception Security
OnSite CCTV Monitoring
Staff Escorts
Lock & Unlock Services for Facilities, Sites, Gates
Mobile Patrols
Mobile Patrols - After hours Staff Security Safety Check
Emergency Mobile Patrol Requests
Mobile Patrols - Morgan Security Guard in uniform on mobile patrol in a Morgan Security Mobile Vehicles.
Security Guards in Chicago - Morgan Security Guard Services available in Illinois, Indiana and Chicago

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