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Corporate Security

Morgan Security represents a fresh approach and vision to corporate concierge and security services. Our professional team of uniformed security officers provides extraordinary levels of customer service that quickly become the public face of your company.

Corporate Security Services provided by Morgan Security Guards with CCTV Monitoring, Mobile Patrols and Guard Tracking services

Corporate Security – A Growing Sector

Corporate business is an ever-growing sector, and to match a corporation’s growth, proper security measures need to be adhered to. Morgan Security specializes in world-class corporate security. Utilizing years of experience and objective surveillance, Morgan Security guarantees the safety of your offices, office buildings, corporate headquarters, employees, and assets while allowing the day-to-day activity to run without interruption. We ensure that our security guards have the knowledge and training required to identify and mitigate at an early stage any developments that may threaten your corporate facility’s security, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Security Analysis

In our approach to office building security, Morgan Security distinguishes itself by conducting a detailed security analysis and consulting with its clients to address any specific concerns while developing a close working relationship. This guarantees a bespoke business framework security solution, providing maximum protection while following your business’s corporate environment and culture. With years of corporate security experience, our analysis covers all issues that may pose potential threats to corporate premises, employees, and assets.

Corporate Security Analysis available at Morgan Security in Indiana & Illinois
Retail Mall Security - Morgan Security guard protecting against anti-social behavior inside a retail shopping mall.

Deterring Intruders and Anti-Social Behavior

Whether someone is trying to enter your business for any unsolicited reason or employees or clients are being disruptive and causing a commotion, our security officers are ready to deal with these situations. Anti-social behavior can distract and cause a significant issue for a corporation’s operation, environment, and face. That is why Morgan Security’s corporate security guards are trained for these situations and can quickly deal with any physical or verbal threats calmly and professionally with the slightest distraction possible.

Security with a Corporate Image

Morgan Security understands the essence of keeping a corporate image.  From our experience working with national corporate clients, prominent properties, organizations, and landmark buildings, we recognize that corporate and office environments are areas in which the security personnel and guards are not only accountable for the security of a site but also represent the face of the business. With our thorough training and vetting, we can assure you that our team of uniformed security officers will fit perfectly in your business. In all cases, we deploy security officers with the correct mentality, knowledge, and skills specifically applicable to the security issues of your business. From the first person entering to the last person leaving, whether it’s day or night security you need for your company premises, our security officer we have you covered.

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Key Security Services

Guard Services

Available 24/7, 365 Days a Year, Licensed, Fully Vetted, Highly Trained. Guards provide a visual deterrent against theft and vandalism, even if your property has CCTV.

Key Holding & Alarm Response

Our highly-trained security officers manage lock, unlocking duties, and alarm response, ensuring the safety and security of staff members and facilities.

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV monitoring is a cost-effective security solution that protects your business, commercial property, or home from criminal and environmental damages.

Mobil Patrols

Mobile patrols act as a powerful visual deterrent against would-be intruders and criminals and vastly reduce the chance of crime taking place at your business.

Guard Tracking

Real-time security officer tracking means faster response time, improved performance and actionable data for better security strategies.

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