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Car Dealership Security

Automotive – car dealerships are considered easy targets for vandalism, theft of high-value vehicles, and other risks. Proper Car Dealership Security is essential to ensure the protection and safety of the public, facilities, and their large inventory of automobiles. Morgan Security can help secure your car dealership.

Auto Dealership Security - Car Dealership Security by Morgan Security Guards in Chicago Illinois and Indiana

Protect your Dealership Business

Car dealerships need to display their cars, but only if protected from security risks. Without Professional Security, auto car dealerships can suffer significant losses from theft, vandalism, and rising insurance costs.

Car Dealership Security

With Morgan Security, car dealerships can feel reassured that trained security experts keep a watchful eye over their site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our security guards are available for onsite manned security services, mobile patrols or 24 hour video monitoring by our 24 hour dealership remote video monitoring team. Our professional security officers are the best in the business, having the highest security and customer service training levels, ensuring your automobiles, sales floors, service centers, and other facilities are protected using the latest security technology.

Security Assessment

Auto dealerships face many security threats from multiple sources, ranging from random vandalism by young teenagers to targeted crime by criminal organizations. While we can not stop these criminal threats from society, we can provide a security solution that best fits your business requirements.

Morgan Security’s experience and site assessments provide automotive dealers with professional custom security solutions that are not only comprehensive but cost-effective for dealerships of all sizes. With a custom solution in place, security officers are then armed with the proper knowledge of a job site’s intricacies and can thus correctly monitor, patrol, and guarantee that the site is secure.

Car Dealership Security in Chicago - Car Dealership monitored by Morgan Security Guards

Auto Dealer Security Threats

Clientele Issues
Fuel Theft
Parts Center Thefts
Property Damage
Service Center Tool Thefts
Staff Issues
Vehicle Parts Thefts
Vehicle Thefts

Theft and Vandalism

Dealership car lots have many site locations that someone can hide, and these can easily provide hotspots for criminals. Many unsecured dealerships have found themselves vulnerable to thieves, not only stealing whole vehicles but also removing parts from vehicles on the lots. Many sites are targeted for specific auto parts due to their reselling value by organized crime.

With criminals’ vast auto parts black market, we find that while stolen vehicles are stripped for parts and shipped worldwide, thieves also target individual car parts on dealer lots. These may include wheels, catalytic converters, navigation systems, and any other easily removed automotive parts or accessories. Tools and equipment in Service departments are also frequently targeted which can cause delays in the service area and hurting customer relations and revenue.

Organized crime isn’t the only thing dealerships need to worry about; simple vandalism can also be a significant problem. Scratched or dented cars, broken headlights, etc., or even tagging vehicles can increase insurance premiums to unknown limits when going through insurance claims.

There is no better deterrent than the physical presence of a highly trained security officer to protect your dealership. A security officer’s onsite physical presence with 24/7 CCTV monitoring is the most effective solution to safeguard a dealership from opportunists.

Auto Dealership Security - Car Dealership Security by Morgan Security Guards in Chicago Illinois and Indiana

Core Dealer Security Essentials

Car Dealership Security in Chicago - Aerial view of Dealership monitored by Morgan Security.

Do You Want a Safe Secure Car Dealership?

We recommend automotive dealerships to have the following core security essentials if they don’t already have them.

Security System with Alarms & Sirens
Monitored Indoor & Outdoor Cameras
Motion Activated Lighting
Perimeter Fencing
Perimeter Lighting
GPS Car Tracking Devices

In the automotive dealership industry, monitored security cameras and proper lighting are proven effective in reducing crime and apprehending suspects. Cameras provide an easy means of deterring criminals before they even get started. For criminals not deterred by cameras, the system provides a mechanism for identifying and reporting them to authorities. Keeping a watchful eye on customers in the dealership car lots is one good reason for CCTV cameras. Still, cameras can also monitor staff and hold disgruntled employees or clients accountable for vehicle damage or criminal behavior. Video surveillance can also help reduce frivolous lawsuits that may arise.

Automotive dealerships that do not already have a CCTV system should invest in video surveillance equipment with motion-based alerts and mobile solutions that facilitate remote access. Our site assessments can provide recommendations on lighting or where cameras should be positioned. With cameras in place and proper lighting, you can rest assured that our trained professionals continuously monitor and protect your property.

Vehicles often have satellite navigation/assistance packages that are already GPS trackers, but for increased security, car dealerships can install their own GPS tracking devices on vehicles. With the added GPS tracker, car dealerships can quickly go online to their GPS tracking service and find the location of their cars if they ever get stolen from their lots.

Security Officers

As a strong visual deterrent, security officers are still one of the most proven measures to ensure the safety of your premises and personnel. Unsupervised facilities and sites with valuable inventory nightfall can represent a significant security threat and make for easy targets. Many are easy to access, especially if they have dimly lit car lots and unguarded locations. Maintaining a secure site requires constant vigilance.

Morgan Security’s onsite officers give you world-class protection. Our security officers undergo comprehensive background checks and specialized security training using the latest guard tracking technologies to appropriately deal with crime safely and effectively, day or night, 365 days a year.

Woman security guard working for Morgan Security on Mobile Patrol
Car Dealership Security in Chicago - Car Dealership monitored by Morgan Security Guards

Mobile & Foot Patrols

Just the presence of regular mobile and foot patrols around a facility can quite easily deter criminals from attempting to commit a crime.

Mobile patrols are an effective measure for our onsite security officers that patrol large dealership facilities and car lots covering vast areas. In supervised dealerships, onsite security officers also carry out regular and random scheduled foot patrols of dealership facilities, service centers, car lots, and perimeters. Foot patrols encompass officers monitoring vehicle inventory, conducting vehicle lock checks, checking buildings, and gates, while at the same time making sure there is no place for criminals to hide. Security officers will also inspect all lighting, doors, and gates to ensure they are in their proper working state. Any issues will be reported for and marked for maintenance.

For unsupervised dealerships that may not want onsite security officers, scheduled mobile patrols effectively protect dealership locations’ inventory and facilities to deter criminal activity and breaches in security. At the same time, mobile security officers can also stop and initiate a foot patrol throughout the dealership facilities and car lots making sure everything is locked and secure.

Security Guard Tracking

By merging technology and security with our Guard Tracking system, Morgan Security gives you peace of mind knowing that security officers conduct routine dealership patrols around the clock.

Guard tracking provides 24/7 availability and undivided attention from our officers for your specific dealership facilities. Our tracking system gives Morgan Security the ability to monitor times and locations last patrolled by our officers.

Be proactive about the security of your dealership. Start today with a site assessment, and soon your dealership fully protected and secure.

Security Guard Tracking - Security Guard Tours - Morgan Security guards are tracked using our live guard tracking services whether for warehouses, construction sites, condominium or retail.

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