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KeyHolding & Alarm Response Protect your business today with Morgan Security’s 24 Hour Keyholding and Alarm Response service. Our mobile response team will respond and assist within minutes of a call or incident. learn more cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper

Keyholding and Alarm Response What is KeyHolding?

Keyholding is a service whereby a security firm holds a spare key or set of keys to business premises. Keys are used by on-site security officers or during routine mobile patrols or for alarm response calls and locking and unlocking premises when required.

Security firm keyholding has the added benefit of ensuring that emergency protocols are correctly carried out while removing the security risk from staff having to attend an incident.

Keyholding and Alarm Response - Lock Unlock Services - Morgan Security guards are trained on key holding alarm monitoring techniques which can be used for warehouses, construction sites, condominium or retail etc.

Benefits of KeyHolding & Alarm Response!

KeyHolding and Alarm Response services are one of the most valuable site security services provided by Morgan Security and alarms are only as useful as the people that respond to them.

Locking & Unlocking

With today’s busy schedules, not all tasks that should have been completed when locking or unlocking a business are carried out. Distracted employees may quickly exit a building while forgetting to properly lock up. It’s essential to have proper procedures to handle these matters. An easy way to overcome these issues is to have a dedicated security firm lock and unlock a site. A dedicated security firm guarantees that alarms are appropriately set along with the addition of a building inspection, confirming that all doors, windows, etc., are secured before leaving.
Morgan Security understands the importance of guaranteeing access to your property to those who need it. We also take away the aggravation of having to make out-of-hours trips to your business to supervise maintenance or repairs guaranteeing that staff or workers who may require to get in can do so under the watchful eye of one of our security officers.
With our highly-trained security officers managing locking and unlocking duties, the safety and security of facilities and staff members are guaranteed.

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Mobile Patrols - Meet some of Morgan Security Mobile Patrol Security guard team members; inside our Morgan Security vehicle.

KeyHolding & Alarm Options

For a comprehensive safety package, keyholding can be easily integrated with our other services, such as our mobile patrol services and more.

Alarm & Incident Response
Arming & Disarming of Alarm Systems
Patrols of Exterior/Perimeter Site Inspections
Patrols of Exterior-Perimeter & Interior Site Inspections
Lock & Unlock Services for Facilities, Sites, Gates
Added Random Mobile Patrols - to Deter Intruders
Patrols - After hours Staff Security Safety Check
Emergency Mobile Patrol Requests
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Ensure your Keys are Secure!


When it comes to Key Holding and Alarm Response, you need a team you can trust.  Let Morgan Security monitor, protect and secure your company today.

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