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CCTV Monitoring


CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television and is also known as video surveillance.
A CCTV installation is a video system consisting of strategically placed video cameras indoors or outdoors in a home or business. These cameras record footage to a local video recorder or remotely to a security monitoring firm’s facility. Live video feeds are transmitted to display monitor(s) for real-time viewing. Pre-recorded video is available for playback later locally or remotely at a security monitoring facility.
CCTV Monitoring - Morgan Security offers and monitors CCTV techniques to deter burglars from your business.; cameras can be located inside and outside of your business. Our CCTV monitors are monitored by our trained security guards.

CCTV Cameras

There are two types of CCTV cameras, Analog, and IP-based. Strictly speaking, the term CCTV should only be used for the older Analog cameras. 

Analog Cameras

Analog cameras have been around for years requiring dedicated wires connected to a recording device and monitors at the local site. 

IP Cameras

IP (Internet Protocol) cameras function the same as analog cameras but have many extra capabilities such as higher resolution, better images, video analytics and are connected to the Internet instead of using dedicated wires to a recording device. Video analytics could include facial or license plate recognition, tracking, AI artificial intelligence algorithms and even display programmed alerts.
IP cameras feed and store video footage through the Internet either locally to a computer, video server, or remotely to the cloud or security firm’s facility. Accessing IP cameras is through a software application or simply connecting to the camera or server through a browser.

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CCTV Monitoring

CCTV monitoring is a cost-effective security solution that protects your business, commercial property, or home from criminal and environmental damages. With the changes in high-speed internet, your CCTV video can be easily transmitted to our remote CCTV monitoring facility.

For most industries, monitored security cameras and proper lighting or motion-activated lighting are proven effective in reducing crime and apprehending suspects. Cameras provide an easy means of deterring criminals before they even get started. For criminals not deterred by cameras, the system provides a mechanism for identifying and reporting them to authorities. Keeping a watchful eye on customers in a business is a good reason for CCTV cameras. Still, cameras can also monitor staff and hold disgruntled employees or clients accountable for criminal behavior. Video surveillance can also help reduce frivolous lawsuits that may arise.

As technology evolves, CCTV systems have become more accessible and cost-effective. If you do not already have a CCTV system, you should invest in video surveillance equipment with motion-based alerts and mobile solutions that facilitate remote access. Our site assessments can provide recommendations on lighting or where cameras should be positioned. With cameras in place and proper lighting, you can rest assured that our trained professionals continuously monitor and protect your property.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Remote CCTV monitoring refers to the monitoring of your surveillance cameras installed at your site from our offsite location. Using CCTV software, your surveillance cameras are connected and streamed to our facility through your internet connection. Cameras can be monitored live 24/7 or only during non-business hours.
If a risk, alarm, or incident is identified at your site, mobile patrols and or emergency services can be immediately dispatched. Our security officers can also call the keyholder of the facility at that time. If we are the keyholders of your site, our mobile patrol officers will be immediately sent out to investigate.
CCTV cameras go hand in hand with alarms, and alarm systems should also be integrated with our central monitoring system, where we can fully manage your site and respond should an issue occur.
Having your CCTV and Alarm monitoring at our facility allows our team of security officers to completely manage your business security so you can sit back with the knowledge that your site is protected and in good hands.
CCTV Monitoring - Retail Parking Garage Security by Mogan Security - Security guard services available in Illinois, Indiana, and Chicago.

On-site CCTV Monitoring

If your business has surveillance cameras that require on-site monitoring, we can do that for you. Whether you are a small jewelry or clothing store, bank, industrial complex, government facility, or a large shopping center, we can facilitate highly-trained security officers on-site to monitor your surveillance system. If an incident were to occur, our on-site security officer could quickly intervene and assist your staff or customers responsibly and professionally to de-escalate the matter.

CCTV Integration Options

Along with CCTV remote monitoring a comprehensive safety package of mobile patrols, key holding and alarm response services can be easily integrated to provide even greater protection and security.

Alarm & Incident Response
Arming & Disarming of Alarm Systems
Patrols of Exterior/Perimeter Site Inspections
Patrols of Exterior-Perimeter & Interior Site Inspections
Lock & Unlock Services for Facilities, Sites, Gates
Added Random Mobile Patrols - to Deter Intruders
Patrols - After hours Staff Security Safety Check
Emergency Mobile Patrol Requests
Mobile Patrols - One of our Morgan Security Mobile Patrol Security guard inside our Morgan Security vehicle. Pictured wearing our Morgan Security uniform.
Morgan Security Service Logo - Security guard services available in Illinois, Indiana, and Chicago.

Bespoke CCTV Solutions CCTV Services Tailored to You

If you are looking to hire a private security firm that provides reliable, trustworthy security you can trust with the safety of your people, property, and assets, you’ve come to the right place.

As a leading provider of security services for retail, corporate, residential, and public sector clients, we take the security of your premises very seriously. When it comes to safeguarding your property and personnel, there’s no method more effective than hiring a trained and proficient security guard. 

Whether you need remote, on-site CCTV monitoring, security guards 24/7 or a single guard just for a few hours, we have the perfect tailored solution for you and your budget.

Morgan Security Service logo (with a transparent background) which is used on our Security Guard uniforms, Mobile Patrol Vehicles and Morgan Security Website or Advertising documentation.

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