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Guard Tracking Dynamic Security!

Morgan Security’s Guard Touring system takes the mystery out of; Where are my security officers?  Integrating technology into our operations, ensures our security officers have the best tools they need to perform their guard tours.

Guard Tracking - Morgan Security Guard Supervisor in Morgan Security mobile vehicle performing guard monitoring using his laptop in a rparking garage that we are protecting.

Guard Tour System

At Morgan Security, we incorporate the latest security guard tracking software and technology designed by experts in the security industry. Enabling real-time tracking stats of our security officers allows our security officers to be located at a moment’s notice and provides them with our undistracted attention. 

With the advent of our high-tech security guard tracking (tour) system, Morgan Security doesn’t need to worry about the loss of a client that may assume our security officers are not doing their jobs adequately. With the system’s GPS security officer monitoring in place, we can ensure that our officers are where they should have been and are doing what they’re supposed to be doing. 

Check-ins zones can be assigned for our security guards, as well as restricted zones for the officers to avoid. Variations from their allowed locations are automatically communicated to supervisors and associated security guards if needed by SMS and email alerts.

We are never left wondering about the whereabouts of our security officers.

Live Tracking Front-line Security Officers

Faster Response Time

In case of an emergency, real-time information on our security guards provides our supervisors with reduced response time, a benefit that our clients appreciate.

Guard Location Known at All times

Front-line security guards entering and leaving pre-defined locations provide automatic alerts to our supervisors, allowing management to know when one of our security officers enters or leaves an assigned area or designated checkpoint.

Guard Management – Improved Performance

Our security guard tracking systems provide Live guard access allowing Morgan Security to retrieve historical and real-time movements of our security officers, giving our supervisors much-improved guard management and security performance. As a result of our security management staff having the ability to monitor and map the work process of our security officers, their sense of responsibility and performance is greatly enhanced.

Robust  Reports & Data Analysis

DATA Communications

Our Guard Tour system provides live updated communication between security officers and our security management team. With real-time data transmission, we can verify if our guards received the information previously sent to them pertinent to their current posting, which leaves no question unanswered.

Real-time Incident reporting 

Incident tracking and reporting are mapped in real-time while instantly notifying our security management team through SMS or email.

Actionable Insights from Analytics & Data

Our robust tracking and incident reporting system make it possible to accurately accumulate analytic security data that we can use to alter our security strategies and operations for the benefit of our security officers’ clients and an increase in ROI(Return on Investment). A better ROI means more savings that we can pass onto you, our clients.

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Guard Tracking

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With our Guard Tour tracking system, we don’t deviate from security. We streamline our company’s bottom line to bring benefits and improved costs to you.

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