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Retail Security

We design retail security solutions tailored to your business. With the abundant entry points and wealth of goods at stake, shopping centers and retail stores have a crucial need for security services from loss control and access control. Our extensive knowledge in retail security will ensure you receive the best retail security solution.

Retail Security - Morgan Security offers security protection for Retail Malls including parking facilities; offering CCTV monitoring, Foot and Mobile Patrols to meet your business needs.

Retail Security Risks

Every business is at risk of vandalism or theft. Business owners may not be able to secure their premises from all the different kinds of risks alone. When it comes to shopping centers and retail stores, hiring retail security guards is even more important due to these added security concerns.  The large crowds and foot traffic associated with shopping centers and retail outlets make store owners unable to secure their premises without the assistance of security officers.

Crowded stores make it easy for criminals to do what they want. Thieves aren’t the only ones making their rounds or demanding customers, causing a stir, but employees can also commit fraud by stealing or letting family or friends pay next to nothing for items in a store.

Bespoke – Retail Security

Morgan Security understands that all these techniques used by criminal groups are constantly changing. Working closely with key stakeholders, such as the police, allows Morgan Security to continually review the methods used and adapt our strategies as required. Whether you run a single neighborhood jewelry store, multi-shop business, or a shopping center, we design a specific system to what your business demands.

Security Assessment

Do you have a small store? Then a monitored CCTV system may be all you need to deter shoplifters. Do you have any doubt about the reliability of your staff? An undercover officer may be the solution. Multiple security methods are the better choice in large department stores or shopping centers. 

Each client presents a fresh challenge, and we understand that no two jobs are the same. Morgan Security prides itself on assessing your unique needs, vulnerabilities, and expectations to develop a custom-tailored plan that ensures the integrity and safety of your retail activities.

Morgan Security Guard training at aTraining facility during our in-class training sessions.

Professionally Trained Officers

Morgan Security Guard training at aTraining facility during our in-class training sessions.

Morgan Security’s trained officers know how best to protect the public, shop owners, and property. Part of the training involves officers learning to identify key traits and techniques used by shoplifters and organized crime groups. 

Our experienced retail security personnel always welcome patrons with a smile and are trained to provide courteous and friendly customer service to both customers and employees. 

If an emergency does occur, our officers are also fully trained to handle a crisis with confidence and follow all safety and emergency procedures.

Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention - Shoplifting - Retail Security by Morgan Security

Shoplifting is the biggest challenge that retail shops face. Thieves take advantage of a store’s busy hours, resulting in significant monetary losses for the business. Even if a store has a CCTV camera system, it’s a little too late by the time the footage is checked. 

Whether the retail business is in a shopping center or street-front retail premise, Morgan Security makes their presence visible through foot patrols, wherever protection is required, or by providing check-point security with officers at the front door of a shop or shopping center.

With the visible presence of security officers, stores quickly deter thieves from criminal activity. Many thieves will take their illegal activity to a non-secure location. And if someone does shoplift, trained security officers will be sure to apprehend the criminal before making off with the merchandise. 

Uniformed retail security officers and undercover ones can also conduct discrete internal patrols, both inside a shopping mall or in a particular shop, making sure to keep an eye on your stock or customers that seem suspicious.

Loss Prevention - Shoplifting - Retail Security by Morgan Security
Retail Security - Morgan Security Guard in uniform protecting a retail shopping mall in downtown Chicago

Added Customer Service

Studies find that customers prefer shops that have uniformed officers on-site. The simple presence of a security officer makes customers feel safe. Front door guards quickly become part of the business because they are the customers’ first contact for such information as store hours, directions, or any other assistance they may require. 

Store owners quickly find that guards easily become customer service representatives and can also provide escort services for employees or customers at night leaving the store. Overall, security officers provide customers excellent security and fantastic hospitality and provide shop owners with a watchful eye for those who may be there to shoplift or cause trouble in other manners.

Parking Lot Security

Morgan Security’s experienced officers are mobilized in all possible ways to secure parking areas. Whether by mobile patrols, foot patrols, or monitored CCTV camera systems using the latest technology, we promote a safe and comfortable environment for clients and patrons.

Retail Parking Garage Security - Woman finished shopping at a shopping mall protected by Morgan Security.

Do You Want  Safe Secure Shopping?

Customers must be able to shop without any disturbance, and employees want to feel safe while they work. If you need a reliable security company that is very aware of how actions impact your business, then Morgan Security is the firm for you. Get peace and order in your store today! You will feel confident knowing that your business and customers are safe and secure, so you can get on with what’s most important.

Key Security Services

Why do People Choose Morgan Security!

Morgan Security officers create a welcoming and safe shopping environment. We deliver the highest quality of service while providing a high-security presence in stores and shopping centers. Our highly-trained security officers have the expertise to reduce theft and deter and stop shoplifting. Providing safety and security for our clients and customers is at the top of our list. Loss from retail theft costs store owners a staggering amount of money, so don’t wait, take action against thieves and protect your business today.

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