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Mobile Patrols

Protect your business today with Morgan Security’s highly trained and vetted mobile patrols, security officers.

Mobile Patrols Skateboarder

Visible Deterrent to Criminals

Morgan Security’s mobile patrol security service acts as a powerful visual deterrent against would-be intruders and criminals and vastly reduces the chance of crime such as intrusion, vandalism, and theft taking place at your business. Mobile patrol security is used for property sites with and without onsite security officers and can be conducted internally or externally on-premises.

Mobile Patrols - Morgan Security in uniform on mobile patrol; working at protecting your business or your family.

Mobile Patrols Ensure Your Site is Secure

Mobile patrol officers can adapt to a wide range of tasks. Some businesses may need a security officer to lock up or unlock a site or perform security checks but may not require them for the rest of the day. Or one may need a security officer to randomly patrol a site throughout the night, making sure everything is secure and with their visibility deter any criminals from attempting to break in.

Having your property patrolled can also include emergency response to alarms, ensuring all areas, buildings, and facilities are fully locked. It can even include a random safety check of staff working outside regular hours. Customers can also request that our officers do internal patrols, where our mobile patrol officers are permitted to enter your premises with their own set of keys. These security officers can then check that all site windows and doors are locked and that all lighting is in proper working order and that there are no breaches in security. 

Mobile Patrol Security

For sites that only require the occasional surveillance patrol or manual check and don’t have a full-time onsite security officer, mobile patrols provide a cost-effective and efficient security service. 

Mobile patrol security also provides vital backup support to onsite security officers,  ensuring vehicles are sent to crime scenes within minutes of an officer requiring assistance. Rapid response to incidents increases the chances of recovering property and apprehending and prosecuting offenders.

Mobile Patrol Coverage

Banks & Government
Car Dealerships
Construction Sites
Corporate Sector
Hotels, Condos, & Apartments
Industrial & Warehouse Sites
Public Sector Facilities
Retail Business & Malls
Mobile Patrols - Morgan Security Mobile Patrol Vehicle downtown Chicago.
Mobile Patrols - Meet some of Morgan Security Mobile and Foot Patrol Security guard team members. Pictured wearing their uniforms; we also offer business undercover security guards.

Mobile Patrol Options

For a comprehensive safety package, mobile patrols can be easily integrated with our other services, such as our key holding and alarm response services and more.

Alarm & Incident Response
Arming & Disarming of Alarm Systems
Patrols of Exterior/Perimeter Site Inspections
Patrols of Exterior-Perimeter & Interior Site Inspections
Lock & Unlock Services for Facilities, Sites, Gates
Added Random Mobile Patrols - to Deter Intruders
Patrols - After hours Staff Security Safety Check
Emergency Mobile Patrol Requests

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Key Security Services

Mobile Patrols Integrate with other Services

Integrating other services with mobile patrols is an easy way to strengthen onsite security coverage. Whether you have a small or large property to secure, our mobile patrol officers will ensure that your sites are thoroughly inspected and fully secured. During holidays, site renovations, or when employees may be away for some time, businesses are at a more significant threat level, so mobile patrols can help increase security and peace of mind.

Morgan Security can provide a constant 24-hour security presence with our onsite security officers, or we can initiate random mobile patrols, depending on your requirements. Morgan Security works with you to determine the best security solution to suit you and ensure we consistently deliver a high-quality service at all times.

Secure Your Business Today

Whether you choose a scheduled patrol, a random visit, or alarm response services, you will reduce the risk of theft and vandalism by having a visibly identifiable Morgan Security vehicle at your premises.

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