Security Guard Services

Security Guards

Setting the standard is a common theme among security agencies. That is why Morgan Security Service raises the bar in the security industry.

At Morgan Security Service our security professionals go through a very rigorous hiring process. Through a very extensive background investigation, law enforcement fingerprinting, pre-employment and continuous drug screenings, along with mandatory classroom and site specific training, we ensure that the quality of our security Professionals is second to none. While Morgan Security professionals act as a liaison between our companies and the public, they are highly trained, fully equipped and professionally uniformed to ensure a constant professional appearance.

Morgan Security professionals provide many different services to your business. We offer supervisory personnel to enforce company policies and to enforce strict adherence to client security needs, rules, and regulations. Using the most innovative security technology, our professionals provide foot patrols, mobile patrols, constant visual presence with in your property. Taking advantage of state of the art equipment, we can monitor our security professional's patrols, reports, and daily logs. Utilizing their continuous classroom and on the job training, our professionals learn to take command and control every situation that arises. Professionally trained, uniformed security officers, state of the art technology, and regional local offices set us aside and make Morgan Security Service second to none.

We offer

  • K-9 Patrol Teams
  • Mobile Patrols
  • 24/7 Response Team
  • Event & Crowd Control
  • Guard Tour Tracking System